Women's Ministry.

Great Shepherd Ministries, Edmonton, Canada.
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To train, nurture, encourage, empowered, equip and teach women to manifest their God- given purpose and destiny.

Mission Statement

To help support all women to have a personal passionate relationship with Jesus Christ; Through equipping and empowering each woman to fulfill her God given calling, purpose and destiny as they grow in God.

Great Shepherd Ministries, Edmonton, Canada.

Main Objectives of The Women’s Ministry

Great Shepherd Ministries, Edmonton, Canada.

The Women’s Ministry has a multi-faceted purpose. It exists to equip, assist in the development of Christian women who will be prepared and ready to demonstrate the kingdom of God in they go.

To encourage and support women as they fill their various roles.
Using varied methods; to advance the kingdom of God within and without the walls of a church building.

To provide an outlet, a small group setting, a time to meet together for bonding, fellowship, sharing, encouraging, build up each other, a time to study the Bible and pray, a time to be family.

To be a channel for the women to become actively involved in varied areas of their church and community or wherever God has called upon them to serve.

To teach women how to share the gospel of Christ,

Youth and Young Adult Ministry

Great Shepherd Ministries, Edmonton, Canada.

we want to instill long lasting values among the youth, where they will continue to seek god and work for him. the bible says to train up a child in the way he should grow and when he is old he will not depart from it.
In partnership with families, the youth and young adult of Great Shepherd Ministries exists to engage their students under its care, to train them to live independently in Christ, and to send them out as exceptional, godly men and women of integrity who will transform their schools, their churches, community and workplaces,

Food Bank & Hospitality Ministry

Great Shepherd Ministries, Edmonton, Canada.

1. With these Ministries we wish to impact the community the most !
2. We want to provide nourishment for those who are unable to provide for themselves.

3. we want to feed the homeless but we would like to provide shelter for those in need

Other ministries include:

Great Shepherd Ministries, Edmonton, Canada.

• Deliverance Ministry  • Prayer Ministry  • Ushering Ministry  • Discipleship Ministry

• Missions Ministry  • Music Ministry  • Worship Ministry  • Street Ministry   

• Compassionate Ministry  • Couples Ministry  • Singles Ministry  • Seniors Ministry

• Men’s Ministry  • Sunday School Ministry  • Creative Arts Ministry

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